Are You an

Energy Sponge?

The 4 Dimensions of Energy Absorption...

What Are They and How Are They Impacting You?

Are you exhausted after being out in a crowd?

Are you in a constant state of overwhelm?

Are you taking on other people's energy?

Are you tired of always feeling drained?

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This program is designed to help you be less susceptible to energy overload. You will be introduced to tools and processes that will enable you to better manage your empath sensitivities. Simple and practical exercises will help ground you and strengthen your energetic boundaries. Rejuvenate and energize your empath essence in an interactive and intimate group format. Emerge from the journey ready to embrace new challenges and be your authentic sensitive self without guilt or people pleasing.

5-week transformational journey

Safe environment to explore your challenges

Interactive group calls that support your growth

Exercises to tap into your intuitive genius

Tools to anchor your optimal personal energy space

Come away with your own recipe for a more peaceful and joyful existence

Seats are limited for a personalized experience


Benefits of Private

Coaching and Healing:

  • Identify and hone your sensitive gifts including how to stop absorbing low vibes and emotions

  • Manage your personal space and boundaries more effectively

  • Overcome self-sabotaging patterns

  • Release energetic blocks that may be impeding your progress

  • Strategies to tune into and trust your intuition

  • Learn how to embody more of your authentic self in every aspect of your life

  • Goal setting and accountability for forward momentum

The gift of private coaching... empowering yourself so you can give more to the world!

As it is often the case with many empaths and sensitives, feeling the deep suffering of the people and the world around you, you are often compelled to give more than you allow yourself to receive.

What I have discovered over the years is that the more I learn to practice balanced self care and feed my mind, body and soul with what lights me up, the more I have been able to significantly magnify my ability to support the people I love and expand my capacity to help others do the same.

The biggest breakthroughs I have experienced in healing and achieving my goals and dreams have occurred while intimaly working with my mentors who provided the right support and container for me to flourish and fly free as my authentic empath self.

Think you are ready to give yourself this gift?

Michele Elchin

Winter Haven, FL

"Thank you, Marcelle! Thank you for being the kind and compassionate person that you are and for helping me leaps and bounds on my journey."

If you have been on the fence about enrolling in Marcelle’s program using The Compassion Key, please don’t wait. I personally had the most beautiful experience that has helped heal portions of my inner child that I had ignored for so long. The karma clearings that we did together in my sessions were amazing. I saw things that I was not able to see before our sessions. I came away from our sessions with knowledge and a better understanding of what made up the girl that I once was. I will continue to work with Marcelle as her program has been a huge help in my inner healing and well-being. Thank you, Marcelle! Thank you for being the kind and compassionate person that you are and for helping me leaps and bounds on my journey.

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